Great Watches for Women

While men wear and collect watches, women also utilize watches as accessories. Watches are not just for telling the time or reminding us of the day and date, they also help express our sense of style. Today women's watches come in numerous of colors, styles, thicknesses, made out of various materials and so on. With so many different watch options, it is easier for everyone to find something that’s suitable for their needs and preferences. If you are looking for a great women’s watch for yourself or someone you love, these are some beautiful options:

XOXO Women’s XO5302A Rhinestone-Accented Gold Tone Watch-This beautiful fashion watch that looks luxurious and expensive but is only 20 dollars. This watch has the date and day dials for decorative purposes and is water resistant for up to 30 feet. With the surrounding rhinestones this watch has the extra bling and dazzle women likes. If you are on a limited budget but still want a gorgeous watch, this will not disappoint you.

Michael Kors Rose Gold Runway MK5128 Watch- If you are looking for luxuries watch that is unique and in a gorgeous rose-gold color, this is it! This watch is not only water resistant up to 330 feet it also shows the date, seconds, and has a separate 24 hour dial. This watch can easily be yours for well under 200 dollars and will certainly make a perfect gift!

Casio STR300 60Lap Sport Watch-If you are an active woman that wants more out of her workout, this sport watch can help. This amazing sport watch has great features such as a timer, a distance calculator, 60 lap stopwatch, and four daily alarms! This incredible watch also has an auto LED light and is water resistant for up to 165 feet. With a 10 year battery life and less than 21 dollars price tag, you will never workout without this watch again!

Invicta Women’s 5377 Square Analog Diamond Stainless Steel Watch- If you are tired of your round dial watches, this watch will not disappoint. This Invicta watch is square in shape, has the date and day indicators, as well as 30 minute and 60 second dials. With gorgeous diamond accents and 330feet water resistance abilities, this watch will be one of your favorite dress watches.

Geneva Rainbow Silicone Band Watch- If you love rainbows or all-things color, this watch is for you! This truly cute and stylish watch will make a wonderful fashion statement and will go great with your watch collection. There are only a limited amount of these watches made so make sure to grab one for yourself before they are all gone!

The above are some of the many different and popular watch options for women. Whether you want a sport watch, a collectible, a casual or fashion watch or even a luxury watch, the options are truly amazing and endless. Make sure to always get a watch that will fit your wrist, your budget, and suits your style.